Benefits of Dental Implants for Oral Health

Have you been considering dental implants at Innovative Smiles? While dental implants are often considered a purely cosmetic dental treatment option, implants can have many positive benefits for your oral health. Take a look at some of the ways dental implants can benefit your oral health below. 

Improved Functionality and Bite Strength

Dental crowns offer enhanced functionality and bite strength, which is immediately lost when a tooth is severely damaged. By covering and protecting damaged or weakened teeth, crowns restore their structural integrity, which leads to improved chewing and biting abilities. This restoration of function enhances the ability to eat comfortably and helps prevent further damage to the affected tooth. This means that dental crowns may allow you to eat foods you may have avoided due to lacking bite strength.

Preservation of Jawbone Density and Facial Structure

When teeth are broken or extracted, it affects the bone density that makes up the jaws. With time, the bones can start to deteriorate to such a degree that the facial structure changes. By installing dental implants, the integrity of the bone is maintained. Therefore, changes in facial structure, such as the cheeks appearing to sink, are far less likely. 

Enhanced Smile Structure for the Long-Term 

If you have dental implants installed and still have natural teeth, implants provide a layer of protection for the remaining teeth. Natural teeth can bear more stress when their surrounding teeth are missing. This change can lead to higher risks of damage to these remaining teeth. The natural teeth can also shift and move with time due to the added space to do so within the jaw. Dental implants allow for even distribution of bite force, and the close fit between other teeth will prevent alignment issues from developing. 

Discuss Dental Implants with a Cuyahoga Falls Dentist 

Dental implants offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking a permanent solution to missing teeth. From improved oral function and enhanced aesthetics to long-term durability and maintenance of oral health, dental implants with a qualified dentist provide a comprehensive solution that can positively impact one’s quality of life. Contact Innovative Smiles today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team if you’re considering dental implants.


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